NEARC GIS Educators Day | 2013

Learning about the latest using GIS for teachingWorking together to learn at GIS Educators Day

September 29th in Nashua, NH
GIS Educators Day provides a venue for GIS educators and students to meet and learn

What's great about GIS Educators Day?
Whether you are a K-12 or Higher-Ed educator or student, you’ll find relevant presentations and hands-on workshops
GIS educators are always friendly and eager to share their projects, maps, and the stories behind them
There will be great giveaways for all attendees and prizes for a lucky few (you might want to bring an extra tote bag)
There will be a plethora of exciting ideas for projects and activities to take home to your own classroom and institution
Who should attend GIS Educators Day?

GIS Educators and Students
NEARC GIS Educators Day on Sep 29th is geared for anyone interested in learning about or teaching GIS. A full-day education track is also available at the full NEARC meeting on Sep 30th.

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What's new at GIS Educators Day?

TWO tracks of hands-on sessions
This year we have two tracks of hands on sessions during every block, one focused on ArcGIS Online (BYOD) and the other on desktop software (mobile computer lab).

TWO tracks of presentations
This year we have one track of presentations focused on K-12 and a second track on higher education.

NEW Lightning Previews
Start the morning and afternoon sessions with 2-minute previews of the presentations in each session.

How about education sessions on Monday?

Panel discussion
Presenters from private industry, public sector and education will lead a discussion about the skills needed to be successful in the workplace as a GIS professional.

Professional mentor luncheon
Students will have a chance to have lunch with a GIS professional in a variety of fields. It's a great chance to pick their brains!

Presentations on new GIS education trends 
Afternoon presentations feature new and evolving approaches to GIS education including MOOC's, the incorporation of outreach, and Esri's program to teach teachers to use GIS in the classroom.
Are there any discounts available?
Sunday/Monday special rate
Anyone attending the GIS Educators Day on Sunday can add attend Monday of the NEARC meeting for a special rate.
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Discounted rates
Reduced rates for the 3-day NEARC meeting are available for any attendee who stays in the conference hotel or lives close enough to commute to the meeting.
--> Student 3-day NEARC registration: $125 (save $75)
Early registration discount
Avoid a $50 surcharge by registering by September 19th
How can I find out more?

GIS Educators Day Website
[homepage] [registration] [lodging] [Sun details] [Mon details]

GIS Educators Day Chair
Lyn Malone | []

NEARC Conference Program Chair
Shane Bradt | 603-862-4277 | []