Summer Spatial Institutes | 2015

Designed specifically for teachers, the 2015 Summer Spatial Institute series will take educators from beginning online GIS skills through the more advanced skills analyzing local data and developing classroom materials.

Spatial Institute 101Geospatial 101
June 24th-26th
Start your GIS/GPS education and learn to make online maps

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writing geospatial lessonsWriting Geospatial Lessons 
June 29th-July 1st
Get help creating lessons featuring GIS/GPS
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Mapping with Mobile DevicesMapping with Mobile Devices
July 7th-9th
Use the power smartphones and tablets to make maps 
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Watershed ecology instituteWatershed Ecology Institute
July 13th-16th
Collect watershed data in the field and use it to make maps
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Effective Use of ArcGIS onlineArcGIS Online for Organizations
July 21st-23rd
Harness the power of ArcGIS Online for your teaching
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Geospatial curriculum work daysGeospatial Curriculum Development
August 10th-12th
Get help integrating geospatial topics into your teaching plan
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us history and GISCivil War Era History & GIS
August 13th
Bring history alive through pictures and maps
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