4-H Afterschool

We provide a variety of resources for afterschool programs to engage with 4-H, including access to best practice resources in New Hampshire and across the nation. 

Seabrook Adventure Zone

UNH Cooperative Extension 4-H Afterschool Resources

  • 4-H and other curriculum, including kits with materials
  • Staff and volunteer trainings and opportunities
  • SPIN (short-term SPecial INterest) programs
  • Other hands-on demonstration activities
  • Assist with family involvement and engagement activities.
  • Technical assistance to improve program quality or address concerns
  • Assist with program evaluation and continuous quality improvement
  • Screen and enroll staff as 4-H Volunteer Leaders
  • Set up a 4-H Club in an afterschool program
  • Collaborate on grants and program development in local communities

Contact Rick Alleva at rick.alleva@unh.edu or 603-679-5616 for more information. 

New Hampshire Afterschool Resources

National Afterschool Resources