Services for residents

One in four Granite State citizens is touched by UNH Cooperative Extension each year, including thousands of youth who participate in the highly regarded 4-H program, as well as farmers, foresters, entrepreneurs, landowners, municipal leaders, agencies and many others who benefit from our expertise and services

Direct services

Landowner assists

Soil testing

Education Center & Info Line

Plant diagnostic services

Insect identification

Workshops in diverse topics

Financial assistance for landowners

Training (events calendar)

Garden/shrub care


Nutrition education

Food safety

Risk management education

Technology training

Money management training

Support for military youth

Bully prevention for youth and teachers

4-H clubs and programming

Youth development services and programs

How can we help you?

 Indirect services

In addition to direct services to residents, UNH Cooperative Extension helps residents by


  • Giving New Hampshire residents more access to locally grown and produced food and giving the region more food independence by helping farms become more agile and productive through yield improvement, reduced insect damage, testing and development of new cultivars, and more


  • Improving New Hampshire’s forest health, wildlife health, air quality and water quality through forest stewardship, water monitoring and public awareness efforts


  • Giving New Hampshire residents safer dining experiences in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and other dining establishments through food safety training


  • Improving New Hampshire’s communities through economic development and business retention efforts and by developing strong civic leaders and helping community-based organizations become more efficient, effective collaborators


  • Helping New Hampshire’s entrepreneurial environment thrive by assisting new business and small businesses with technical and strategic support


  • Developing a healthy, intelligent, and informed next generation through the esteemed 4-H program, military youth programming, and nutrition education for schoolchildren


  • Helping improve science literacy among NH youth through STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programming such as SeaPerch and  teacher training


  • Creating/retaining jobs in the critical fishing, farming and forestry areas