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MPP-Dairy Update

Published Sep 8, 2017
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31, 2017 — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) today announced that starting Sept. 1, 2017, dairy producers can enroll for 2018 coverage in the Margin Protection Program (MPP-Dairy).  Secretary Sonny Perdue has utilized additional flexibility this year by providing dairy producers the option of opting out of the program for 2018. More

A Ten-Point Plan to Reduce Heifer Udder Infections

Published Sep 7, 2017
Mike Lunak, Extension Dairy Specialist More

Basic Winter Care for Livestock

Published Sep 5, 2017
Dot Perkins Another summer gone and school has started. I’m thinking about adjusting my driving schedule to avoid buses, heat for the house, my winter garden, and preparing my animals and their winter digs for the long, cold days and nights ahead. It’s a New England thing, we spend the warm days preparing for the cold ones. Brrr.. it’s cold away from the wood-stove, but winter doesn’t mean you can neglect livestock care. Quite the contrary. Preparing now can make it much easier once the snow flies. Here are some basic things to consider. More

2017 NH Dairy Breed Show Results

Published Aug 29, 2017
Mike Lunak   The Holstein State Breedshow was held on Wednesday, August 1 at the Haverhill Fairgrounds in Haverhill, NH. The show also served to qualify 4-Hrs for the Eastern States Exposition. The judge for the day was Aaron Eaton of Marietta, NY. Rick Hall of Montpellier, VT judged the Jersey, Ayrshire and Guernsey Breedshows that were held on August 19 in conjunction with the Cornish Fair in Cornish, NH. A total of 84 exhibitors and 150 animals participated at Cornish. More

Working Towards More Resilient Cropping

Published Aug 29, 2017
Carl Majewski   There’s more talk these days about building in greater resiliency in our cropping systems. In layman’s terms, the concept refers to designing cropping systems and employing techniques that give producers greater flexibility and leave them less vulnerable to unpredictable weather events. At a time when farms across the state have witnessed damaging hailstorms, parched hayfields, and frequent rains that delayed field work, all within the span of two years, the idea of more resilient cropping systems is attracting more attention from producers. More

Dairy, Livestock and Forage Crops Newsletter

Published Jun 23, 2017
Written specifically for residents of New Hampshire, the Dairy, Livestock and Forage News is an email newsletter that goes out quarterly with information relevant to people in the dairy, livestock and forage business. More

Keeping an Eye Out for Corn and Forage Insect pests

Published Jun 9, 2017
While we haven’t seen anything or heard any reports just yet, it’s worth remembering that the cool, rainy weather we’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks can favor caterpillar pests – notably, cutworms and true armyworm. Adults of both of these species lay their eggs in grassy areas, whether that’s stray clumps of winter rye or grassy weeds in cornfields, or regrowth on recently harvested hayfields. We recommend that you take the time in coming weeks to monitor your fields closely for injury.   More

Utilizing uNDF in Dairy Cow Diets

Published Jun 8, 2017
Pete Erickson, PhD   What is NDF? More

Using Milk Urea Nitrogen to Calculate Urine and Urinary Nitrogen Output

Published Jun 5, 2017
Pete Erickson, PhD   1)      Why is this important? The amount of urine produced by dairy cows affects total manure excretion because urine excretion accounts for about 1/3 of the total manure excretion on a weight basis (NRC, 2001).  With the development of manure storage facilities knowing how much urine will be produced and how large a storage facility will be needed.   2)      Development of the equation. More


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