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New Christmas Tree Farm in North Berwick

Published Dec 24, 2017
By Thomas Mickey The modern day Christmas tree has been an integral part of the celebration of the holiday since the nineteenth century when Germany gave the world the Christmas tree and covered it in lights and decorations. More
seed packets

Inspiring Young Gardeners to Grow! Free Seeds Program Launches in New Hampshire

Published Nov 22, 2017
By Mary Carroll Moore, Master Gardener More

Mapping Out a Partnership to Clean Great Bay

Published Aug 17, 2017
When the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) first heard about the tires, barrels, and other trash along Great Bay’s shoreline in the fall of 2015, they knew clean-up efforts would take time — and lots of collaboration.  “It seemed like a perfect fit for us — we do a lot of convening of partners,” says Abigail Lyon, PREP’s technical assistance program manager. More

A Celebration of Extension Volunteers

Published Jul 7, 2017
Did you know that UNH Cooperative Extension has thirteen different volunteer programs and over 4,000 volunteers? These programs and people are one of UNH Extension's greatest strengths, and this year, Extension staff wanted to find a special way to thank those volunteers who give so much to our programs and our state.  More

4-H Club Celebrates 75 Years in New Hampshire

Published Jun 16, 2017
To learn more about the 75th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday June 24, please click here. More

Meet the 2017 Class of Coverts Cooperators!

Published May 9, 2017
The 2017 NH Coverts Project Workshop was held May 3-6 in Greenfield, NH. There were twenty-four attendees from all over New Hampshire who spent three and a half days learning about wildlife habitat, forest ecology, conservation, stewardship, and outreach. The new group of Coverts volunteers includes landowners, conservation commission members, land trust staff, interested citizens, and educators, among others. Here's a brief introduction to the new Coverts volunteers from the 2017 workshop: More

Scenes from the 2017 NH Coverts Project Workshop

Published May 9, 2017
Last week, twenty-four conservation-minded individuals attended the 2017 New Hampshire Coverts Project Training Workshop held at the Barbara C. Harris Center in Greenfield, NH. This new group of volunteers learned about forest ecology, wildlife habitats, forest and habitat management, and land conservation, and left the workshop ready to return to their communities and take action. The NH Coverts Project now involves more than 425 trained volunteers throughout the state of New Hampshire in promoting wildlife conservation and forest stewardship! More

Gardening Within Reach—Literally

Published Apr 6, 2017
Kate Scholes, Marge Badois and Carol Moore discuss the many benefits of container gardening. More

Taking Time to Observe Spring

Published Apr 5, 2017
“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” — Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles  Spring is in the air! The days are (slowly) becoming warmer; soon daffodils and crocuses will poke their heads out of the soil and buds will appear on trees.  It’s the perfect time of year to practice your observational skills by keeping a nature journal. More

Free Online Guides Help Groups in New England (and Beyond) Train Needed Volunteers

Published Mar 30, 2017
The free online training guides include color photos, checklists and sample documents you can print at home.  By Sarah Schaier, Production Editor More


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