Meet the Team

Pete Erickson is an Extension Professor in Dairy Mangement, and a statewide dairy specialist. His work focuses on dairy cattle nutrition, and calf management.


Mike Lunak is our State Specialist for Dairy Management; he provides guidance and assistance to dairy farmers. Much of his work focuses on herd and business management, milk quality, and overall profitability of dairy farms.



Carl Majewski works as a Field Specialist in Cheshire County. His particular interests are in corn and forage crop production, with a particular interests in forage quality, pest management, and soil fertility.



Daimon Meeh is our Field Specialist working out of Rockingham County. He enjoys helping all farming practices, but is particularly excited about innovative pasture management strategies, capitalizing on the benefits of cover crops and emphasizing the use of a full system view when approaching farm strategy.



Dot Perkins is our Field Specialist in Merrimack County; she focuses on helping all livestock owners increase their understanding of basic animal health, comfort and production in order to ensure NH residents have access to high quality locally raised meat, dairy, and other animal products.



Steve Turaj is our Field Specialist in Coos County, and focuses on the plant sciences and practical on-farm advice.  His team specialty is in the broad field of agronomic crops; growing silage corn, hay/haylage, and pastures, while guarding them against the weeds, insects, and diseases afflicting them.  He has an especial interest in bringing more NH land into crop production with alternative field crops suited to our soils and growing conditions.