Wood Energy


 New video on heating commercial buildings with wood


Wood is abundant in New Hampshire. After all, we are 84% forested. When landowners decide to harvest timber, they are fortunate to have robust markets for all of the wood, including the low-grade material--tops of trees, small twisted stems, and undesirable species. These markets allow the forest manager to thin stands and remove the low-grade material to improve the growing forest. Wood Energy can be broken into three catagories: commercial power production, institutional thermal heat and/or power (combined heat and power); and residential wood heat.

Crotched Mountain Hospital, Greenfield, NH

Institutional, Thermal  Heat and/or Power

New Hampshire has dozens of schools, hospitals and other facilities that produce heat (and some power) with wood.



Residential Wood Heat

Burning wood in New Hampshire is a tradition

Pinetree Power, Tamworth

Commercial Wood Energy

New Hampshire has six power plants producing 180 MW from wood, a local and renewable energy source