GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age

 GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age

Description of training


Participants learn the basics of Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software and discover a variety of free GIS programs (for PC's and Macs). Useful as a comfortable first step for people with no GIS experience, as well as for relatively new GIS users looking for more information. The course will give you a solid background on GIS concepts and the range of free software mapping options you can use to make maps in your community and beyond.

This workshop is the ideal starting point for those new to GIS, and provides a good leaping off point for our other workshops on free GIS software (GIS on Pennies a Day: Test Drive), ESRI software (ArcGIS Drivers Permit), and Google mapping (Making Maps the Google Way).

General topics:

basic GIS concepts, free GIS and mapping software, types of GIS data

Participants will learn to:

Learn the basic concepts of GIS, become familiar with GIS jargon, explore a variety of free GIS and mapping software, understand both the applications and the limitations of GIS

Software discussed:

ArcGIS 10.3 by Esri

Google Earth by Google

Google Maps by Google


gvSIG by the gvSIG Association

Quantum GIS by

MapWindow GIS by
























Hands-on workshop

Hands-on workshop details


9:00am to noon




presentations followed by short GIS exercises


Canceled   October 5 - Merrimack, NH

 [Register]  June 30 - Durham, NH

[Register]  April 14 - Merrimack, NH

[Register]  March 4 - Concord, NH

Suggested precursors:
Suggested next steps:

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