GIS on Pennies a Day: Test Drive

 GIS on Pennies a Day: Test Drive

Description of training


Take a variety of full-functioned, free / open-source GIS programs for a test drive! This workshop bulids on basic concepts from GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age by giving participants a chance get their hands dirty making maps with free GIS software.

After a brief intro to the best software in this category, hands-on exercises will provide a framework to learn the basics of the programs, including how to create and explore maps, edit GIS data and do basic processing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data to use after they understand the basics of the software.

General topics:

creating GIS maps, free GIS software, types of GIS data

Participants will learn to:

make GIS maps, manipulate GIS data and tables, symbolize GIS data, download GIS data

Software discussed:

gvSIG by the gvSIG Association


MapWindow GIS by

















Hands-on workshop

Hands-on workshop details


1:00pm to 4:00pm




presentations followed by hands-on GIS exercises


This workshops is currently undergoing a redesign. If you are interested in being informed when the schedule for the new version of this workshop is released, please email

Suggested precursors:

GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age

Suggested next steps: