Making Maps the Google Way

 Making Maps the Google Way

Description of training


Learn how to make Mashups, including interactive and 3D maps, using free Google mapping tools! This workshop bulids on basic concepts from GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age by exploring the basics of Google Earth and Google Maps with a special focus on creating your own maps to share with others. With Google Earth, you can show points, lines and areas with colors and icons of your choice, along with links to webpages, pictures or email addresses. Google Maps provides the ability to create your own custom map online and to share it with friends, have colleagues contribute to the map, or embed your custom map in your own website.

General topics:

making interactive maps, developing collaborative online maps, creating basic Mashup maps

Participants will learn to:

create custom maps in Google Earth, create links in Google Earth (to websites, pictures, ect.), develop sharable & collaborative online mashup maps in Google Maps

Software used:

Google Earth by Google

Google Maps by Google
















Hands-on workshop

Hands-on workshop details


5:30pm to 8:30pm




short presentations intermixed with hands-on mapping exercises


This workshops is currently undergoing a redesign. If you are interested in being informed when the schedule for the new version of this workshop is released, please email

Suggested precursors:

GIS 101: Learning to Map in the Digital Age

Suggested next steps: