GPS Basics

 gps basic

Description of training


Get yourself up and running with handheld GPS receivers! This 3 hour workshop is designed for people with no GPS experience, or basic GPS users who want to learn more about this ever more important technology. This course covers the basics of GPS technology, how to collect waypoints and how to navigate to points you have collected. Introductory presentations will explain the technology behind GPS, but most of the workshop will be spent outside putting handheld GPS receivers through their paces.

General topics:

basic concepts GPS, GPS navigation, GPS data collection

Participants will learn to:

collect data with handheld GPS receivers, navigate with handheld GPS receivers

Software used:

DNRGPS by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
















hands-on workshop

Hands-on workshop details


9:00am to noon




presentations intermixed with field GPS activites


[Register]  June 24 - Lee, NH

[Register]  May 6 - Concord, NH

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