Factsheets and Publications

Injector Calibration
   Malfunctinging fertilizer injectors are a common cause of plant nutrition disorders.  Ensuring that your fertilizer injector is working propertly will set a course for success with your greenhouse crop.  Follow the steps in this factsheet to learn how to use two different techiques to calibration your fertilizer injector.   

 Scouting and Managing Greenhouse Nutrient Problems
      When most people think about scouting they think of diesase and insects, but can let nutritional problems fall through the cracks.  Use these tips on monitoring nutrient levels in your crop and identifiying nutrient deficiencies to roundout your scouting efforts.

 "Iron-Out": A Nutritional Program for Geraniums and other Crops Prone to Iron and Manganses Toxicity at Low Media-pH
"Iron-Out" is a nutritional management program designed to prevent iron and manganese toxicity in seed and zonal geraniums, marigolds, lisianthus, and any other container-grown crop that is efficient at taking up iron and manganese.

 e-GRO Alert - 2012 
The first iBook released by the Greenhouse & Floriculture Team.  This is a compelation of all the e-GRO Alerts from 2012. (iPad required)