Join the New Hampshire Master Gardener Association (NHMGA)

The NHMGA was created in November, 2003 in partnership with UNH Cooperative Extension. The purpose of the Association was, and continues to be, to enhance the Master Gardener program and to offer Master Gardeners an extra layer of support, education, and community. The New Hampshire Master Gardeners Association volunteers work hard to improve the quality of life in NH communities. NHMGA members foster horticultural education and outreach in support of the UNHCE mission. Membership is not required to retain Master Gardener status. However, in order to be eligible to receive grant money from the NHMGA, you must be an active master gardener.

How are the dues used? The NHMGA provides financial resources to its members through scholarships and grants for approved community projects. The NHMGA Special Projects Committee is pleased to announce its tenth year assisting Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Interns with funding their projects. Prior grant recipients have taken leadership roles within community gardens and school gardens and numerous other not-for-profit organizations around the state have benefited from the NHMGA's generosity and Master Gardener expertise.


2018 Membership Form