Resources for Communities

Additional Resources


Find a Land Trust in New Hampshire


Examples of Community Efforts to Conserve Land and Water Resources


New Hampshire's Changing Landscape


The NH Municipal Conservation Fund Guidebook


Good Forestry in the Granite State


GRANIT View Data Mapper (Web tool for non-GIS users to create basic maps of natural resources)




























Community Assistance

Extension assistance to communities and conservation groups includes:

  • Direct assistance with projects in the areas described below (Natural Resources Inventories, etc.)
  • Helping to establish goals and priorities
  • Providing guidance for creating project work plans
  • Providing education and training needed by community volunteers to complete project tasks

Assistance is limited to project guidance and training, and does not include specific involvement in project tasks.  Contact us to find out about assistance available for your community.

Explore the links below to learn about the conservation resources available to you:

Green Mts areaNatural Resources Inventories

Natural Resources Inventory Guide

Wildlife Habitat in Your NRI

Examples of Community NRIs


Belmont Conservation Planning

Preparing a Conservation Plan

Conservation Planning for Wildlife

Examples of Conservation Plans


CE Sign

Conserving Land

Information about Individual Land Trusts

NH Land Trust Coalition

Conserving Your Land (publication)


Stewardship and Easement Monitoring

Easement Monitoring Guide/Manual

Sample Easement Monitor Form- detailed

Sample Easement Monitor Form- simple



Assessing Wildlife Habitat

Communities Taking Action for Wildlife

NH Wildlife Action Plan

Wildlife Habitats in New Hampshire



 Evaluating Wetlands

Method for Inventorying and Evaluating Freshwater Wetlands in New Hampshire (NH Method)

NH Wetlands Mapper - companion to the NH Method



WorkshopPublic Outreach and Education

Conducting Public Outreach