Preparing logs for the market is one of the most important value-added processes on a logging operation. Attention needs to be paid to market specifications, accurate measurement and care in handling wood products. The following publications are designed to assist with producing and measuring logs for the market.

Trees of New Hampshire and their human uses.  

NH Best Log Scaling Practices Guide    

Log scale is the basis for most business transactions between buyers and sellers of logs. A log scale, or rule, is an estimate of sawn lumber volume that can be obtained from a given log.

Safe Timber Harvesting    

Describes safe timber harvesting practices, emphasizing personal safety, equipment maintenance; includes illustrations.

Spider Heart

Spider heart is a defect that occurs is trees and becomes visable when the tree is cut into logs. This fact sheet explains the cause of this bacterial defect and its associated problems.

Tree and Stand Measurement

This guide provides instruction on how to measure individual trees and forest stands.