Managing Credit and Debt

Find yourself in need of managing your credit and debt? Explore the resources below to get you back on track.

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Financial Security: Consumer Credit

Credit can be a successful financial managment tool.

There are many forms of credit, being able to budget your spending carefully to avoid overuse of credit is the key to success.

Your Credit File

Your credit file is a record of your bill paying habits and information from courthouse records. Check it annually at all three credit reporting agencies.


PowerPay is a system designed to help you eliminate debt in the fastest possilbe way.


What is bankruptcy?

When is bankruptcy an answer?

Costs of bankruptcy.

Types of bankruptcy.


When Your Bills Pile Up

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Assets for Independence (AFI) Tips and Tools - Understanding the Credit Card Act of 2009

Consumers Federation of America (CFA) Your Credit Score

Other Resources