Using ArcGIS to Author Metadata

 Using ArcGIS to Author Metadata

Description of training


This workshop steps through how to build standards-compliant metadata using out-of-the-box tools provided by Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.3. This will be a crash course in metadata; specifically focusing on why good metadata matter, how to effectively use ArcGIS Desktop for creating metadata, the anatomy of an ArcGIS metadata record, and step-by-step instructor-led training in creating an FGDC-compliant metadata record.

General topics:

metadata, ArcCatalog metadata, FGDC-compliant metadata, writing FGDC-compliant metadata

Participants will learn:
What metadata is and why it is important, how to interpret FGDC metadata records, and how to write FGDC-compliant metadata for geospatial data.
Participants must bring:

A sample dataset they wish to write metadata for. This could be any vector dataset.

Software used:
ArcGIS 10.3 by Esri
















Hands-on workshop

Hands-on workshop details


1/2 day (9:00am to 12:30pm)


$79 Standard, $59 reduced


presentations intermixed with hands-on GIS exercises


none scheduled at this time

Suggested precursors:

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