January Hot Topics


With so many months and so many days in the year, it can be hard to remember just when to plant what, trim where, and start when. Nasturtiums in March? Hydrangeas in June? Who can remember? We've started to assemble a month-by-month guide in Pinterest to keep you on task! 


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Water Quality



Basic information on plant and care instructions- Database

Indoor plant care   

Covers a number of topics: Proper Light for Indoor Plants,  Artificial Lights for Indoor Plants,  Repotting Indoor Plants,  Indoor Plant Soil,  Proper Humidity for Indoor Plants, Watering Indoor Plants, Fertilizing Indoor Plants,  Cleaning Foliage on Indoor Plants, Pruning Indoor Plants,  Yellowing Leaves of Indoor Plants


Current Insects-January


Lists of expected insects that may be seen in January in a home- excellent information-descriptions and fact sheet


Wood ash

Composting for the Homeowner