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With so many months and so many days in the year, it can be hard to remember just when to plant what, trim where, and start when. Nasturtiums in March? Hydrangeas in June? Who can remember? We've started to assemble a month-by-month guide in Pinterest to keep you on task! 


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Selected Pesticide Storage web sites and publications:

    1. Handling and Storing Pesticides - An environmental self-assessment from the South Carolina Farm-A-Syst Program. Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service Water Quality Letter 17 (WQL 17). February 1996. 15pp (PDF).
    2. Pesticide Shelf Life and Safe Storage - Shelf life for about 20 pesticides, some pesticide safe storage tips. Cornell University Pesticide Management Education Program.
    3. CropLife International Guidelines for the safe warehousing of crop protection products - These guidelines deal with the safe warehousing of packaged crop protection products in quantities of 10 tonnes or more. However, it is recommended that the basic principles should be followed, if smaller amounts are stored. (PDF)
    4. On-Farm Pesticide Storage and Disposal Assistance - (PDF) pesticide stewardship publication from Croplife Foundation.
    5. Storing Pesticides for Next Season - From the Ohio State University Extension Service.
    6. Improving Storage and Handling of Pesticides - From the North Carolina State University Farm-A-Syst Program.
    7. Temperature Effects on Storage of Greenhouse, Ornamental and Turf Pesticides - University of Missouri Extension Publication IPM1012 by Fred Fishel. Lists storage temperature label statements for many fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. (updated Apr 2002)
    8. Security Considerations for Agricultural Aircraft Operators - National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA)and its membership have aggressively promoted enhanced security procedures. The NAAA reminds all agricultural aircraft operators to maintain, and where necessary, improve aircraft and operations security.