Dress Code

A minimum of shirt that covers the torso, shorts, and shoes that completely enclose the foot must be worn at all times by everyone associated with the show activities on the grounds. Tank tops must not be revealing or have less than a one-inch strap. No bathing suits or sandals.

Below are the guidelines for Eastern States Exposition Dress Code.  You will see that the New Hampshire State 4-H Horse Show Dress Code Policy is not as strict as the Eastern State Exposition Dress Code.

Dress Code Expectations for the 4-H Horse Program at Eastern States Exposition

It is an honor and a privilege to represent 4-H and the excellent reputation of your local and state program in the New England Horse Program at the Eastern States Exposition. We are asking you to consider your dress while in this role and dress for respect. Chaperones may ask you to change your attire if they deem it not appropriate for representing 4-H. You may be corrected on any inappropriate language or actions while you are representing 4-H at The Big E.

Please be advised that the following dress code will be enforced for all individuals participating in 4-H events and activities and 4-H chaperones.

  1. Clothing: All clothing shall be neat, clean, acceptable in repair and appearance, and shall be worn within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for 4-H events and activities. 4-H shirts and state logos are encouraged.  Clean shorts, pants or dress jeans are encouraged. 
  2. Articles of clothing which display profanity, products, or slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex or are in any other way distracting, are prohibited.
  3. Excessively baggy or tight clothing is prohibited.  No wide leg, loose fit pants. 
  4. Items of clothing which expose bare midriffs (front or side), bare chests, visible cleavage, undergarments (including bra straps), or that are transparent (see-through) are prohibited. Blouse straps must be at least 2” wide.   Please be advised that spaghetti straps, tank tops, shirts which expose a bare back, halter tops, and tube tops are prohibited.  .
  5. The inseam length of shorts is 4” or longer. 
  6. Any clothing that must be continually adjusted while wearing to meet the dress code is inappropriate.  For example, shirts that fall off the shoulder to expose undergarments, shirts that must be pulled down to cover midriff or pants that need to be pulled up to hide undergarments etc. 
  7. No cut-off shorts, torn or frayed jeans will be permitted.
  8. Hair should be clean and neatly combed.
  9. Shoes must be worn at all times deemed appropriate.

All chaperones are asked to make sure that their 4-H delegation is meeting the dress code.