Exhibitor Information

Horse Show Rules

The New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines and the New Hampshire Supplement to the New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines for specific rules on classes, equipment, etc.

Please note: The New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines has recently been updated (April 2013).  The New Hampshire Supplement to the New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines has not been updated to reflect these changes.

Appointments/Show Dress

The appointments in New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines and the NH Supplement to the New England 4-H Horse Show Rules and Guidelines are suggested in all horse show classes. Hair should be neat and not cover the rider's number. Horses with a tendency to kick must be identified by tying a red ribbon in the tail.


Members are expected to care for their animals by themselves or with the help of other competing members. Adults may help load and unload, and help members on arrival by stacking hay, bringing equipment to the stable area and similar jobs until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19. Tack and feed rooms and decorations may be set up with assistance from adults prior to the start of the show. No adult is allowed to assist with the preparation of any horse. Members receiving outside assistance in caring for an animal or preparing it for a class will be disqualified after one warning from the superintendent. Stable managers may assist a rider by holding their horse while the rider does the work. Exhibitors may assist each other in the holding area before a class, if needed.

County Stable Managers/Show Assistant

Each county may bring up to ten non-competing 4-H members to serve as County Stable Managers; counties may bring one additional stable manager per 3 competitors over 30. One additional youth per county may be selected to serve as a show assistant. These managers can provide organizational leadership for the county delegation. Stable managers must be current 4-H members enrolled in the horse program. They may assist with all duties except riding, exercising, or preparation for a class. Stable Managers must complete an entry form and send it to their county/or the State 4-H Office. Please note signed Code of Conduct will be enforced. ESE Stable Managers will be selected by the county whose turn it is to select. Those persons will participate at State Show as either an exhibitor or stable manager. Entries for ESE Stable Managers will be taken at the show. Stable Managers must be 12 as of January 1 of the current year. All stable managers must enter Quiz and Judging. Stable managers must be on the grounds for the duration of the event. STABLE MANAGERS MUST PAY $10.00 ENTRY FEE.

Stable Management

Members are expected to exercise proper stable management and riding practices during the entire show weekend. Proper safety practices and the use of common sense are also expected. Stable management judging will take place at the discretion of the counties.


Each county will appoint one responsible adult to serve as official county chaperone to coordinate and see that adequate supervision is available at all times for their entire exhibitor group. Chaperones are responsible for assigning stalls and overseeing sleeping arrangements. Each county may make their own sleeping arrangements and must provide adequate chaperones. Boys and girls must have separate sleeping quarters. The chaperones must also sleep in the designated area with their delegates and must see that the members in the dormitory have chaperones as well. Counties must provide the show management with a list of those in campers and their chaperones, and those in the dorm and their chaperones. All head chaperones are expected to attend a phone conference with show officials prior to the show (July 9, 2013, 7 PM). Counties without chaperones for the entire event may not participate.

County chaperones will also be responsible for recruiting volunteers (youth/adults) from their county who will assist with tasks as requested by the show committee. Counties are to complete the County Chaperone Information sheet available from their County Extension Staff and send by entry deadline.


Rudeness or unsportsmanlike behavior at any time during the show is unacceptable. Such behavior may result in disqualification or asking parents, guest, and/or volunteers to leave the show. All youth and adult volunteers are expected to follow the dress code and behave within the guidelines of the Code of Conduct.  You can find a copy of the New Hampshire 4-H Code of Conduct here:http://extension.unh.edu/resources/files/Resource000067_Rep69.pdf 


Updated 06/17/13