Lodging, Sleeping, and Camping Information

Sleeping Arrangements

The building Concession #3 on the fairgrounds will be designated as dormitories for exhibitors and chaperones (see map). Exhibitors may sleep in the dorms if they wish and sleeping areas will be seperated by gender. Dorm floors may be dirt or asphalt so exhibitors will need to provide appropriate cots or sleeping pads and other necessary bedding. Counties will provide signs that will that will designate county sleeping areas. Counties may also camp together on the grounds as a county unit. All 4-H members will be chaperoned by their county and quiet hours will be enforced. Members must have written permission of their parent to sleep outside the dormitory with their county unit and no member may change their sleeping location without written parent permission. There are designated hours for showering.

Evening Curfew             

9:30 p.m. - All exhibitors in dorms/campers/tents

10:30 p.m. - Lights out and electronics off


Camping facilities are available for parents and other adults involved with the show. Due to safety and fire regulations, camping will be permitted in designated areas only.  Please see attached map (subject to change): 


Campers (per night): $30 (so $60 total for the weekend)*

Tents (per night): $15*

*Please note: ALL CAMPERS ON THE GROUNDS MUST PAY THIS FEE, REGARDLESS IF YOU ARE HOOKING UP OR USING ELECTRICITY.  If you are on the grounds with a camper or tent, you must pay this fee.  

Dormitory: FREE
Concession 3 will be the Dormitory Building (see map)


Each county will appoint one responsible adult to serve as official county chaperone to coordinate and see that adequate supervision is available at all times for their entire exhibitor group. Chaperones are responsible for assigning stalls and overseeing sleeping arrangements. Each county may make their own sleeping arrangements and must provide adequate chaperones. Boys and girls must have separate sleeping quarters. The chaperones must also sleep in the designated area with their delegates and must see that the members in the dormitory have chaperones as well. Counties must provide the show management with a list of those in campers and their chaperones, and those in the dorm and their chaperones. All head chaperones are expected to attend a phone conference with show officials prior to the show (July 9, 2013, 7 PM). Counties without chaperones for the entire event may not participate.

County chaperones will also be responsible for recruiting volunteers (youth/adults) from their county who will assist with tasks as requested by the show committee. Counties are to complete the County Chaperone Information sheet available from their County Extension Staff and send by entry deadline.


Food will be available to purchase on location.  Please plan ahead for meals and healthy choices as well.  The food will be vended by the Little Red Wagon and will serve burgers, hot dogs, drinks, and snacks.  It is strongly suggested that healthy choices are always provided to our 4-H members and volunteers. 



Updated 06/26/13