The 2013 New Hampshire 4-H Horse Show Judging Contest Results

Class I: Quarter Horse Stock Horse Mares

1st: 2

2nd: 1

3rd: 4

4th: 3

Cuts 1, 3, 1 

Class II: Paint Horse Hunter Geldings

1st; 4

2nd: 2

3rd: 3

4th: 1

Cuts: 3, 1, 4

Thank you to the following horses for participating in the 2013 New Hampshire 4-H Horse Judging Contest:

Quarter Horses:  Sugar Babe (Merrimack County), Hurricane Alley (Rockingham County), Sedona (Cheshire County), and Miss Holly Skipper (Sullivan County)

Paint Horses: Sacred Tiger (Merrimack County), Three Bars Imprint (Rockingham County), Deja Vu (Sullivan County), and Gunner (Grafton County)

Exhibitor Results (The scoring was correct for the Judging Contest, however, the ribbons were incorrect that were distributed at the awards ceremony.  For correct ribbons, please email and she will send you the corrected ribbon):

1st (Tie): Kristy Sullivan (Sullivan County) and Gretchen Krug (Merrimack)- 99

3rd (Tie): Brittany Leonard (Merrimack) and Emily Hauptman (Merrimack)- 98

5th (Tie): Alexis Ledoux (Sullivan) and Jen Daniels (Grafton)- 96

7th (Tie): Jacqueline Pry (Rockingham), Alicia Barry (Sullivan), Ashley Cook (Cheshire), and Anna Avery (Sullivan)- 95


2013 New Hampshire 4-H Horse Show Quiz Contest Results

Ties were broken using Quiz Tie Breakers

1st: Magdalena Kenter (Rockingham)- 100

2nd: Katelyn Ashburn (Sullivan)- 97.5

3rd: Emily Blain (Merrimack)- 95

4th: Sarah Clements (Hillsborough)- 95

5th: Kendall Donohoe (Belknap)- 95 

6th: Katelyn Leonard (Merrimack)- 90

7th: Makayla Vadeboncouer (Rockingham)- 87.5

8th: Jacqueline Johnson (Rockingham)- 87.5

9th: Holly Testerman (Merrimack)- 85

10th: Sarah-Jean Sargent (Rockingham)- 85



2013 New Hampshire 4-H Horse Show Horse Safety Poster Contest Results

1st: Elyse Morano

2nd: Hannah Welch

3rd: Hannah Tate

4th: Catherine Wentz

5th: Madeline Short

6th: Maria Young

7th (tie): Zoey Arel and Sarah Clements

9th (tie): Hanna Perron and Karrie Cormier

Honorable Mentions: Maddy Bergeron and Ainsley Miles


Recipient of High Point Junior Rider Quiz and Judging Award: Anna Avery (Sullivan)- 178

Recipient of High Point Senior Rider Quiz and Judging Award: Magdelena Kenter (Rockingham)- 194

Highest Overall Score in Driving Division: Jacqueline Johnson (Rockingham)- 458

High Point Junior Rider- Marion Lindabury Award: Brittany Leonard (Merrimack)- 453

High Point Senior Rider- Marcia Lang Award: Katelyn Ashburn (Sullivan)- 485

Recipient of Apple Scruffs Award (Junior Stable Manager with Highest Combined Quiz and Judging Scores: Madeline Short (Hillsborough)- 159

Recipient of Chrissy Award (Senior Stable Manager with Highest Combined Quiz and Judging Scores: Kendall Donohoe (Belknap)- 188

Recipient of Peacemaker Award (Highest Average Exhibitor Score): Sullivan County- 410.94


Eastern States Exposition Teen Leaders

Belknap County: Jackson Thomas, Alternate: Emily Maguire

Coos County: Daniel Call

Hillsborough County: Carrie Cormier, Alternate: 

Sullivan County: Monica Newton, Alternate: Alexis Ledoux

Eastern States Exposition Delegates

Ties were broken using combined Quiz and Judging Scores

1. Katelyn Ashburn (Sullivan)- 485

2. Jacqueline Johnson (Rockingham)- 458

3. Lucy Williams (Rockingham)- 456

4. Kristy Sullivan (Sullivan)- 456

5. Brittany Leonard (Merrimack)- 453

6. Magdalena Kenter (Rockingham)- 450

7. Maddy Bergeron (Hillsborough)- 442

8. Kristen Wesoja (Sullivan)- 440

9. Madeline Powers (Cheshire)- 437

10. Cassidy Boon (Merrimack)- 436

11. Alicia Barry (Sullivan)- 417

12. Makayla Vadeboncouer (Rockingham)- 415

13. Victoria Durrett (Rockingham)- 411

14. Anna Avery (Sullivan)- 410

15. Emily Sawtelle (Rockingham)- 404

16. Molly Tombarello (Rockingham)- 391

17. Monica Newton (Sullivan)- 388

The following exhibitors had exceptional scores that qualified them for Eastern States Exposition but are not eligible to attend this year:

Katelyn Leonard (Merrimack)-395

Mariana Lassonde (Merrimack)- 407

Sarah Clements (Hillsborough)- 413

Elyse Morano (Hillsborough)- 418

The following exhibitors are alternates for Eastern States Exposition:

a1. Elizabeth Gaffney (Rockingham)- 379

a2. Courtney Schrempf (Rockingham)- 377

a3. Emily Hauptman (Merrimack)- 373

a4. Katherine Niebla (Rockingham)- 373

a5. Beth Murphy (Rockingham)- 372

a6. Hanna Perron (Hillsborough)- 369