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How does your child grow?
How can you encourage and support your child's natural development?

Find out by reading Just in Time Parenting (formerly known as Cradle Crier and Toddler Tales), an Extension newsletter emailed FREE to you.

The monthly series covers your baby's first year, while the bi-monthly series covers the second year. This series of newsletters is sent to you based on your child's age, so that you'll have specific information about your child's development as he or she grows. There will also be useful tips about how you can encourage and support your child's development through the first two years of their life. More newsletters are available on-line at eXtension Just In Time Parenting up to 60 months of age also available in Spanish. (Crianza Justo a Tiempo)

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*Note: All Just in Time Parenting e-newsletters are provided in portable document format (PDF). In order to view or print the newsletters, you will need a program, like Adobe Reader or another free reader program.