Continuing Education / Recertification

New Opportunities:

Winter/Spring 2018 Supervisory Registration Certification - General Use Training is NOW OPEN. See the webpage for more information and to register.

Initial Training for Commercial & Private Pesticide Applicators is NOW OPEN. See the webpage for more information and to register.


Recertification training is required by the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food, Division of Pesticide Control for both Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators (NH Rules and Regulations Pes 402). Applicators can attend meetings, courses and training that provide them with science based information on integrated pest management, pesticide regulations, personal safety when using pesticides and environmental protection.

Commercial Applicators (Pes 402.01  Commercial Applicators)

Private Applicators (Pes 402.02  Private Applicators)


Where can I find a list of recertification meetings, seminars, and classes?

The New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Division of Pesticide Control lists approved recertification opportunities, including the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension recertification training sessions; online and correspondence courses; national conferences and seminars; and training sessions in other New England states.

Please consult the Division's website for a list of all opportunities approved by the Division of Pesticide Control:


To access our recertification credits online, click on the link below:



UNH Cooperative Extension has expanded its virtual learning environment by partnering with eXtension. Pesticide Applicators from across the United States now have the opportunity to participate in online classes designed and administered by the University of  New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. Each class offered builds foundational knowledge and relevant skills to protect the applicator, their family, the public, and the environment from the misuse of pesticides. These modules will enable applicators a last minute option to acquire needed credits if approved by their state.

Each online training module contains; an outline, PowerPoint and/or audio voice over, videos and/or assigned readings. A ten questions quiz will follow each module in which the student needs to pass with a 75% or better to receive a certificate of participation to submit with their renewal paper work.