Food & Agriculture

The Merrimack County Food and Agriculture team focuses on the direct support of commercial farms and increasing agricultural awareness through education. This is accomplished through consultation services via site visits, walk-ins to the office, phone, and email, and the development and delivery of educational programs and workshops.

Specific activities associated with commercial growers and small scale homesteads include:

In addition, we work with the general public via walk-ins, emails, phone consultations and lectures on all agricultural related topics.

Dot Perkins' main focus for Merrimack County is to increase agricultural awareness through education and workshops.

The Food & Agriculture Field Specialist provides technical assistance and education for the County’s plant growers, including nurseries, greenhouses, landscapers, and fruit and vegetable farmers.



 “Make Food Your Medicine and Medicine Your Food."



UNH Cooperative Extension Offers New Publication on Successful Selling at Farmers Markets


DURHAM, N.H. -- UNH Cooperative Extension expert Nada Haddad, an Extension food and agriculture field specialist, has produced a publication for those vendors selling at farmers markets throughout New Hampshire.

The 12-page “Selling Successfully at a Farmers Market” offers more than 35 marketing and merchandising tips for those selling, or thinking of selling, at farmers market.

Product quality, sales areas and presentation, pricing, signage, branding, retaining loyal customers, safety, and planning are just a few examples of the information available in the publication that will help make vendors’ sales and customer shopping experiences successful.

“Good quality produce and good farm products are only a fraction for selling successfully at the farmers market,” Haddad said. ”There are many more specifics that growers, market vendors and market managers should look into. The publication also covers the rules and regulations that affect the sales of products at farmers markets.”

This publication can be downloaded for free

For more information, contact Haddad at or (603) 679-5616.