Risk Management - Crop Insurance

cornCrop insurance policies available in New Hampshire fall into two basic categories. Multi Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) protects against unavoidable production losses from adverse weather conditions, insect infestation, plant disease, wildlife damage, fire and failure of irrigation water supply. MPCI polices are available for apples, peaches, corn and forage production (legume & legume/grass mixes). Dollar Plan crop policies for fresh market sweet corn, forage seeding and nursery crops provide a guaranteed dollar amount of coverage rather than insuring a production level.

Most policies allow farmers to tailor coverage to fit their specific needs. Catastrophic Crop Insurance (CAT) is a minimum level of coverage with very little cost to the farmer. Higher levels of crop insurance (buy-up protection) are subsidized by the USDA so that farmers pay only 33 to 45% of the actual policy cost. 

Specific policies often allow for added coverage options for farmers. For example, the Apple policy offers additional protection for loss of quality, while the corn policy allows for revenue, and yield protection. Farmers following organic practices can be insured as well. 



NH Crop Insurance Fact Sheets: