Gates will open at 8 a.m., Friday, July 19 and horses may arrive after that time. Check with barn superintendent. All horses and exhibitors must be on the grounds by 3:00 and signed in at the secretary's stand by 4:00 p.m.



2013 New Hampshire State 4-H Horse Show Schedule
Friday July 19, 2013   Saturday July 20, 2013 Evening Classes
4:00 All Exhibitors Registered   Class  37 Barrels
5:00 Head Chaperone Meeting   Class 38 Keyhole
5:50 Judging/Quiz Volunteers Report   Class 39 Pole Bending
6:00 Opening Ceremonies   Class 40  Flag Race
  Judging- Ring   Class 41 Small Equine In Hand Command
  Quiz- Grandstands   Class 42 Command Driving
Saturday July 20, 2013 8:00 AM  


Fitting and Showmanship   Sunday July 21, 2013 9:00 AM
Class 1 Senior Hunt Seat   Class 44 Hunter Over Fences
Class 2 Senior Western   Class 45 Small Equine In Hand Jumping
Class 3 Senior Saddle Seat   Pleasure Classes
Class 4 Senior Gymkhana   Class 46 Senior Hunt Seat
Class 5 Senior Driving   Class 47 Senior Western
Class 6 Senior Small Equine   Class 48 Senior Saddle Seat
Class 7 Junior Hunt Seat   Class 49 Senior Pleasure Driving
Class 8 Junior Western   Class 50 Junior Hunt Seat
Class 9 Junior Saddle Seat   Class 51 Junior Western
Class 10 Junior Gymkhana   Class 52 Junior Saddle Seat
Class 11 Junior Driving   Class 53 Junior Pleasure Driving 
Class 12 Junior Small Equine   Class 54 WT/WTC B Pleasure
Equitation   Class 55 Senior Hunter Under Saddle
Class 13 Senior Hunt Seat   Class 56 Junior Hunter Under Saddle
Class 14 Senior Western   Class 57 Senior Horsemanship
Class 15 Senior Saddle Seat   Class 58 Junior Horsemanship
Class 16 Senior Reinsmanship   Handiness
Class 17 Senior In Hand Suitability   Class 59 Handiness Senior Hunt Seat
Class 18 Junior Hunt Seat   Class 60 Handiness Senior Western
Class 19 Junior Western   Class 61 Handiness Senior Saddle Seat
Class 20 Junior Saddle Seat   Class 62 Handiness Junior Hunt Seat
Class 21 Junior Reinsmanship   Class 63 Handiness Junior Western
Class 22 Junior In Hand Suitability   Class 64 Handiness Junior Saddle Seat
Class 23 WT/WTC B Western   Class 65 Handiness Senior Driving
Class 24 WT/WTC B English    Class 66 Handiness Junior Driving
Class 25 WT/WTC B Reinsmanship   Class 67 WT/WTC B Handiness
Trail     Awards
Class 26 Senior Hunt Seat   Closing Ceremonies
Class 27 Senior Western   Classes may be combined if entries warrant.
Class 28 Senior Saddle Seat   (At Show Secretary's Discretion)
Class 29 Junior Hunt Seat      
Class 30 Junior Western      
Class 31  Junior Saddle Seat      
Class 32 WT/WTC B Trail      
Class 33
Senior Precision Driving       
Class 34 Junior Precision Driving      
Class 35 Senior Small Equine In Hand Obstacle     Updated 07/19/2013
Class 36 Junior Small Equine In Hand Obstacle      

Updated 07/11/13