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 Our Frontline Staff

  • Sherrie Fontaine Provides support for all program areas, posting events, and bookkeeping 
  • Laura Paquin, Provides support for 4-H and other program areas

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Meet Our Program Staff:



Robin Luther
4-H Program Manager

4-H is a Youth Development program designed to help youth ages 5 to 18 increase life skills, explore personal interests and become involved in their community. 4-H groups are traditional youth clubs, after school programs and individual study. Youth are encouraged to participate in local, state, regional and national 4-H events.


Seth Wilner
Field Specialist

Seth works with farm businesses to assist them  with all aspects of farm business management. This includes: whole farm planning, financial management, goal setting, business decision making, emplyoee training, conflict resolution, communications, farm succession planning, and marketing.


Gail Kennedy, MSW
Field Specialist

Gail offers training to community members and organizations in the areas of financial education, family resiliency and developing effective community collaborations and coalitions. Her current work includes partnering with the Sullivan County Department of Corrections to design, implement and evaluate programming to strengthen family life-skills in the areas of money management, parenting and healthy relationships.

Nutrition Conn image  

Sandy Trybulski
Extension Teacher
Nutrition Connections Program

The Nutrition Connections program provides education to both adults and youth on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Topics covered include nutrition, fitness, food safety and budgeting. This program targets adults and families up to 185% of poverty level as well as schools with high rates of free and reduced meals. Classes are offered in group settings, as home visits, in classrooms and via the mail.



 Dode Gladders                              

Extension Field Specialist


Dode joined the Sullivan County UNH Cooperative Extension staff in June 2013. Dode has broad experience with survey, management, and outreach for invasive forest insects and plants, and he has first-hand experience with emerald ash borer, asian longhorned beetle, and beech bark disease. He has also managed a number of GIS-based mapping projects. Dode will be based in the Sullivan County Extension office and will provide services in Sullivan County and throughout the state.