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What is a 4-H Maker?

Published Jan 4, 2018
Makers are people who make and share things. Throughout history humans have always made things, sometimes out of necessity and other times just to satisfy the desire to create.  More
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Greenville Looks to the Future

Published Dec 12, 2017

North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar Supports Community of Growers

Published Oct 10, 2017
Growing vegetables and fruit in northern New England is a challenge, but it’s a challenge worthy of the community of growers that gathers annually during the North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar and Trade Show. More

Ready to Learn More

Published Oct 9, 2017
Marilyn Stuller’s farm in Langdon looks out over beautiful rolling hills and colorful trees. It’s not surprising she named it Far View Farm. The name reflects the breathtaking scenery — and also acknowledges Stuller’s ongoing journey as a farmer. More

Knowledge Supported Agriculture Builds CSA Farm's Success

Published Sep 22, 2017
“Knowledge is power” is Kim’s Peavey’s philosophy for life — and farming. As an agricultural business owner, it is important to keep learning and stay informed, Kim says. That’s why she participated in and graduated from two Annie’s Project programs in the past year. More

Adding Goals to a Herd of Goats

Published Aug 10, 2017
“Goats are addictive.” That’s the way Andrea Rhodes describes how her family’s small farm in Lebanon, NH grew from a couple of goats and horses into the bustling goat dairy farm it is today. More
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Providing Backup in the Field to Veterans in Agriculture

Published Jul 28, 2017
“We needed to do something in New Hampshire,” Steve Turaj says, explaining the simple start to the New Hampshire Farm Bureau’s Veterans in Agriculture Committee. More

Dairy, Livestock and Forage Crops Newsletter

Published Jun 23, 2017
Written specifically for residents of New Hampshire, the Dairy, Livestock and Forage News is an email newsletter that goes out quarterly with information relevant to people in the dairy, livestock and forage business. More

Teachers Gather for Second Annual STEM Educators Summit

Published May 9, 2016
By Kyle Belmont, Social Media Producer A group of teachers huddled around a doll on Saturday morning and looked at the shadow it cast when lit with a flashlight. It wasn't a lesson in shadow puppetry that had them so deeply engrossed. It was an innovative approach to teaching proportional reasoning. More


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