UNH Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science

UNH Geospatial Science CertificateUNH Geospatial Science Certificate

The UNH Certificate Program in Geospatial Science allows graduate students from a range of disciplines to expand their experience and earn academic credentials in the ever more important field of Geospatial Science (GSS)

Why should graduate students care about GSS?

> GSS is increasingly important across a range of academic disciplines
> Education in GSS makes you and your research more competitive
> The GSS job market is growing at an annual rate of almost 35 percent
> “Great job opportunities exist for professionals trained in GSS” [Read]

What kind of courses make up the certificate program?
Course requirements:
The certificate consists of five UNH graduate courses in geospatial science. One course must be taken from each of the core categories [Elements of Geospatial Science, Geographic Information Systems, Data Analysis] and two courses must be taken from the Electives category.
--> [find out what courses are in each category]

On-campus vs. online courses:
The majority of the courses in the certificate program are offered on campus at UNH, but serveral courses are available online. As the program matures, more courses will be offered online.

Upcoming online courses include:
--> GSS 800 - Elements of Geospatial Science - J-Term 2014
--> GSS 896 - Crowdsource Mapping - Spring 2014

How can I find out more?

Certificate Program homepage

Certficate Program FAQ's

Program Coordinator
Michael Routhier | 603-862-1954 | [mike.routhier@unh.edu]

Faculty Lead
Michael Palace | [palace@guero.sr.unh.edu]

Outreach & Off-Campus Students
Shane Bradt | 603-862-1029 | [shane.bradt@unh.edu]