For Master Gardeners ONLY


Master Gardener projects must provide education to people and/or communities and be approved by a UNHCE staff person.

 Describe the desired outcome.

  • How will you capture the results? You must be able to document the short and long-term impact of your education and training through evaluations, surveys, stories and pictures.
  • What resources and support will you need and who will provide it? Consider financial, logistical and physical requirements needed to complete the project.
  • Is this a short or long-term project?  If your project will last more than one year, create short and long-term plans.


As a minimum provide the following information prior to starting your project.  Your county representative may require more information.

  • Master Gardener or Intern name(s)
  • Primary Contact Info (phone, email)
  • Name and position of UNHCE staff member approving the project
  • Project Name
  • Project start and end dates
  • Project location
  • Description of the project including how it supports the UNHCE mission:
  • Intended outcome and impact of the project
  • Describe how you will document results of your project
  • Resources provided by the MG
  • Resources provided by the client
  • Other resources provided by other agencies

Education Center

Volunteers manage the Call Center.  To sign up for this project, please click here:  (For Master Gardeners only)