Watershed Ecology Institute | 2016

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watershed ecology instituteWatershed Ecology Institute
July 18th-20th

What is a watershed, how do you locate it, and how do you study what lives there? Join fellow teachers and natural resource specialists for a journey into the wonders of the aquatic world. Go into the field to learn data collecting protocols for water quality, macroinvertebrates, and fresh water fish (including an electrofishing field trip!). Once back in the classroom, learn how to use ArcGIS online accounts (free to all NH educators) to map, analyze and share data within and between watersheds. Share curriculum ideas and hands-on experience to learn how to use ArcGIS Online in your classroom to study watersheds.

WEI Provides a unique professional development opportunity to:
=> Explore stream aquatic ecosystems
=> Experience Field Investigation activities
=> Explore the use of GIS to map, analyze and share data
=> Learn how to use natural resources data
=> Experience teachers teaching teachers how to use GIS
=> Obtain free GIS software for your own classroom!

All NH K-12 teacher participants will receive a $300 stipend 

Non-credit: Free
CEU: Free (1 credit through Keene State College)
Credit: $223 (1 credit undergrad or grad through Keene State College)

July 18-20, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Stratford Public School, North Stratford, NH

Registration is closed

For more information:
Judy Tumosa [judy.l.tumosa@wildlife.nh.gov] 603-271-0456

This workshop is supported by funds from the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) program Research Infrastructure Improvement Award # EPS 1101245 and funds from the GeoPriSM - a Math-Science Partnership program of the NH Department of Education.