Day 7 Recipe


  English Muffin Pizza

Serves: 8 small pizzas

Serving size: 2 small pizzas

8 whole English muffins
1/2 cup tomato or pizza sauce
1 tsp. oregano
1/2 pound ground turkey

1 cup onion, chopped
1 cup peppers, chopped
1 cup shredded reduced fat cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Cook ground turkey. Chop onions and peppers.
  3. Slice English muffins in half and place on baking sheet.
  4. Mix tomato sauce and oregano, and spoon on each muffin.
  5. Sprinkle onions, peppers, and ground turkey, over tomato sauce mixture. Top with shredded cheese.
  6. Bake until crust is lightly browned and cheese is melted, about 5 minutes.