Wildflowers for New England Meadows

A Guide to Recognizing Common New England Wildflowers BEFORE They Flower

 A wildflower meadow can be a great addition to a landscape, but when planting a new meadow from seed, it is often difficult to tell which wildflower species have germinated and are growing.

 While you may recognize these species once they are mature and flowering, these plants often look very different when they are young.

Perennial wildflowers may take two or more years to mature and flower, but you'll want to know long before that time which species are growing in your meadow planting.

Getting to know what is growing in your meadow is an important step in knowing how to care for the planting.

This guide will help you do that!

 Many wildflower guides exist, but most describe wildflowers in their flowering stage.  

This guide is different.

This guide provides photos and descriptions of wildflowers when they are still young and have not yet begun to flower.

Over 50 species of native perennial wildflowers and grasses are included!

We have included species which are commonly found in wildflower mixes designed for the north-east United States.

Although some commercial wildflower seed mixes include annual and non-native wildflower species, we have chosen not to include these species in this guide. Species in this guide are perennial wildflowers, native to New England.

We hope that you will find this guide useful as you learn to recognize your young wildflowers.

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