Wildlife Species in New Hampshire


New Hampshire is home to a great diversity of wildlife species, with habitats that range from coastal islands to alpine tundra. The NH Fish & Game Department is the agency responsible for guarding the state's fish, wildlife, and marine resources.  UNH Cooperative Extension staff work very closely with NH Fish & Game to manage for and protect the state's wildlife.  Many of the links below will bring you to NH Fish & Game's pages.

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Do you want to know more about wildlife?

A series of three brochures are available from UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish & Game to help New Hampshire landowners and residents learn about and help conserve wildlife species found in their area.

Click here to view/download the brochures and print an order form for the series.



Additional Wildlife Resources 


Photos on this page by: Linda Cullivan, Pat Watts, Siobhan Basile, and Michael Marchand