Focus on Wildlife Brochures

Do you want to know more about New Hampshire wildlife?

A series of brochures are available from UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish & Game to help New Hampshire landowners and residents learn about and help conserve wildlife species found in their area.

Click here to view and print a handout and order form for the series.


Focus on Wildlife Brochures - Download, Print & View Content

NHC cover

Black Racers in New Hampshire

Headwater streams cover

Blanding's Turtles in New Hampshire

nec cover

New England Cottontail Rabbits in New Hampshire

Bats in New Hampshire

webpage (HTML)

download & print

Brook Trout in New Hampshire

webpage (HTML)

download & print

The Focus on Wildlife Brochures are produced by UNH Cooperative Extension with support from N.H. Fish & Game Department, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service. 

How do I get paper copies?

Landowners may download brochures or receive a single set free through the UNH Forestry Information Center (call 1-800-444-8978, email Click here to print a handout that includes ordering information.


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