4-H Rogue Robots Headed to National SeaPerch Challenge

Members of the 4-H Rogue Robots are headed to the SeaPerch national competition for the second year in a row. Stephen Bosonack, Alison Numme, Mattias Page and Josh Shuey, who competed along with 50 other teams at the the regional SeaPerch challenge at the University of New Hampshire on April 7, placed first among twelve teams in their division and second overall.

The team estimates they spent 60 hours preparing for the challenge and says last year’s win was a huge motivator. They also credit the team’s mentor, volunteer Jeff Proehl, who started helping the 4-H club last year. He has a PhD in physical oceanography from the University of Washington

“Last year we built our ROVs for fun, with no consideration of engineering,” says Matthias Page. “This year, we applied physics and engineering principles we learned from Jeff.”

Anna Numme, Christian Picard and Wilson Yang, members of the Rogue Robots’ sixth grade team, tied for first place in their division and placed fourth overall. This year’s national competition will be held at Georgia Tech on May 19 and 20. Good luck Rogue Robots!

Pictured, l to r: Pam Numme, Stephen Bosonack, Anna Numme, Alison Numme, Josh Shuey, Matthias Page, Christian Picard, Jeff Proehl, Wilson Yang