Cooperator is Speaking for Wildlife in Antrim

Peter Beblowski (CC2001) became a Coverts Cooperator more than fifteen years ago and has been an active volunteer for New Hampshire's wildlife and forests ever since. But just this year, he took on a new volunteer role - as a Speaking for Wildlife volunteer. Peter attended a training on delivering wildlife-themed presentations in June and a training on leading field walks in September - and he's putting his training to use! Below, check out some photos of a recent hike that Peter led to Campbell Pond in Antrim this fall, as part of his work with the Antrim Conservation Commission. Peter shared, "We had a great time. and we pulled 20 to 25 Japanese Barberry bushes and hauled them off site." Thanks for sharing, Peter, and for getting others outside to appreciate and steward habitat in New Hampshire.
Campbell Pond looking north from the dam toward Riley Mountain.
Campbell Pond looking north from the dam toward Riley Mountain.

A porcupine latrine the group spotted northeast of the pond.
In addition to exploring the surrounding habitat and forests, members of the Antrin
Conservation Commission Work Group also removed Japanese Barberry from the site.
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