Gardening Within Reach—Literally

7 Reasons You Should Choose Container Gardening

  • Control the environment. You can place the containers where you want and move them if plants need more sun/less sun, have outgrown the space allotted, etc.
  • Garden in smaller places. Containers are very convenient for decks, patios and balconies.
  • Less physical strain. You donot need to bend or kneel to care for the plants.
  • No hoeing and little weeding. Small surface area of containers means weeds are unlikely to find their way in.
  • Extend the growing season. You canplant earlier and cover easily if there’s an early frost.
  • Animals are less likely to get to your plants. Keep deer, rabbits, squirrels and groundhogs away.
  • Keep your garden close to your home. You can work on your plants even if you have only a few minutes!

Kate Scholes, Marge Badois and Carol Moore discuss the many benefits of container gardening.

On March 6, master gardeners Marge Badois and Carol Moore and master gardener intern Kate Scholes presented a talk on container gardening for 28 people at the Sandown Garden Club. They covered choosing containers, the difference between regular soil and soilless mixes and the unique features of container gardening. The attendees asked many questions and shared personal experiences. 

Presentations are part of the Master Gardener Speakers’ Bureau and are offered to garden clubs and others including schools, library groups and civic organizations.

The Master Gardener Program is coordinated by UNH Cooperative Extension and attracts volunteers from all gardening skill levels. The program trains and enables volunteers to educate the public about home gardening and horticulture, pest management, food safety, backyard livestock and more. If you’re interested in being a part of this rewarding experience, visit our website or call your local Cooperative Extension county office. You’ll be glad you did.