North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar Supports Community of Growers

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Growing vegetables and fruit in northern New England is a challenge, but it’s a challenge worthy of the community of growers that gathers annually during the North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar and Trade Show.

“This is such a unique group,” says Olivia Saunders, a UNH Cooperative Extension Field Specialist who focuses on agriculture in northern New Hampshire. “We really tailor the educational topics towards their systems. What is applicable in southern New Hampshire won’t work in the North Country because of the climate.”

This year’s seminar takes place on Monday, October 30 from 9 am to 3 pm at the Mountain View Grand Resort in Whitefield, NH. Featured speakers include UNH Cooperative Extension’s Jeremy Delisle, Becky Sideman and Saunders. Bruce Hoskins, Soil Scientist with the University of Maine’s Soil Testing Service and Analytical Lab will provide insight on soil fertility in high tunnel management.

All of the speakers will focus on the needs of vegetable and fruit growers in northern New England. “When we invite speakers we ask them to discuss how their research fits into more northern conditions,” says Saunders.

Throughout the day, participants can visit the trade show featuring commercial suppliers like seed vendors, technical service providers and equipment dealers.

Beyond learning from invited speakers, the seminar is also a social event bringing together farmers and growers once a year. Attendance is traditionally strong for many reasons, not least of which is the locally sourced food prepared by the Mountain View Resort, and it’s also affordable at $20 per person in advance.

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