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Marilyn Stuller’s farm in Langdon looks out over beautiful rolling hills and colorful trees. It’s not surprising she named it Far View Farm. The name reflects the breathtaking scenery — and also acknowledges Stuller’s ongoing journey as a farmer.

Stuller and her husband started the farm with a few horses. In 1989, Stuller got her first Icelandic sheep. The farm remained a part-time operation while she and her husband worked cooperate jobs. A few years ago, they retired and decided to dedicate themselves to the farm full-time.

Walk around the farm now and you can find 45 Icelandic sheep, a small flock of chickens, two horses, two Maremma sheepdogs and honeybees. Raising sheep is not Marilyn’s only passion. She also loves educational workshops and tries to attend at least one every year.

“You’ve never learned it all,” she says. That’s one of her favorite sayings.

When transitioning to working on the farm full-time, Stuller wanted to learn how to run her farm business seriously. This is what led her to Annie’s Project.

Annie’s Project is a nation-wide nonprofit organization designed to empower and educate women in agriculture. Since arriving in New Hampshire in 2014, Annie’s Project has hosted multiple educational courses on farm finances, record keeping, estate planning, marketing, and more. The organization’s latest event is an upcoming retreat on Oct. 27-29 at Bretton Woods.

Primarily driven by her interest in learning how to market her farm, Stuller also wanted to connect with other women farmers from around the state. She saw it as a good opportunity to learn and discuss her business with a diverse group of women.

“I really enjoyed the good network of people and the camaraderie in the class,” she says.

She enjoyed meeting the other women in the class so much that she kept in touch with some of them. Stuller found that she could learn from the others and even visited some of their farms. For Stuller, Annie’s Project helped prove her favorite saying correct — and gave her a chance to take the long view of her own farming goals.

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