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The Ocean Exploration Trust (OET) works at the intersection of education and ocean exploration to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pathways using the excitement of deep-sea exploration and technological innovation. UNH is proud to announce its partnership with OET through the Community STEM Program to bring exciting at-sea and onshore STEM programs to New Hampshire. 

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Looking for some exciting activities?  Live interactions with the E/V Nautilus are a great way to kick off the new school year!

Ship-to-shore live interactions with the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus are open. There is no cost for this exciting opportunity!  If your school or organization has access to internet, you are ready to participate.  

Live Interactions:

•    are available Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm EDT May 15th - November 15th, 2017.

•    are a great activity for summer educational programs.

•    you can choose: 20 minutes of Q&A with explorers or 10min of Q&A with 10 minutes of pre-produced video describing exploration technology.

For more info and to schedule a time, contact  Annette.Schloss@unh.edu

Live streaming exploration, under-the-sea highlight photos and videos from the Nautilus Exploration Program are always available on www.nautiluslive.org.

Learn about OET resources, Marine Docent programs, Shoals Marine Lab, and Seaperch.    View the presentation and contact information


The Ocean Exploration Trust was founded in 2008 by Dr. Robert Ballard to engage in exploration of the nearly 90% of the global ocean poorly mapped and understood. OET’s international program centers on scientific exploration of the seafloor using remotely operated vehicles launched from aboard Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus. Expeditions broadcast live, globally on http://www.nautiluslive.org/ to allow explorers of all ages a front-row seat as part of the Corps of Exploration team.

The Community STEM Program works with education partners already active in STEM-- school districts, non-profits, science centers and research groups-- to harness the collaborative momentum of a local mentorship network to inspire and excite students about ocean exploration. Opportunities to participate in the New Hampshire Community STEM Program include at-sea programs, professional development workshops for educators, curriculum resources, exploration newsletters, special events and interactive ship-to-shore broadcasts with the Corps of Exploration mentors.

Sign up for the OET newsletter for exploration updates. Check back here frequently to learn about new opportunities as they are announced.


Live interaction Woodman MuseumDiscover the Ocean at the Woodman Musuem - July 20, 2017

The Woodman Museum in Dover hosted their second-annual day-long Discover the Ocean event with the UNH Marine Docents. Last year, OET connected live with the E/V Nautilus throughout the event. This was so popular, we were asked to do it again this year.  More than 70 children from local area camps and summer programs asked questions and learned about undersea exploration.  A special treat was in store for the young adults brought to the event by Community Partners of Strafford County.


 teacher workshopOcean Exploration in the Classroom - May 16, 2017

Thirteen educators came to Conway for a day of exciting hands-on activities, classroom resources, and latest updates on the 2017 exploration season for the E/V Nautilus, hosted by Granite State College.  View the workshop flyer.


webinar info sheetOET Informational Webinar - March 8 2017

Twenty informal science educators joined us for a one-hour webinar about the great OET opportunities available this summer.  Included were OET live interactions and STEM hands-on activity modules that give learners experience in topics in ocean engineering and marine biology; how to bring a Marine Docent to your event; how to start a SeaPerch club or volunteer at a SeaPerch competition; and opportunities at the Shoals Marine Lab.

View the webinar flyer

View the presentation and contact information



Kids making neutral bounce vehiclesOET, 4H and the UNH STEM Discovery Lab team up for a fun afterschool program - January 11 - Feb 1, 2017

4H volunteer Therese Mehrmann attended our 1st OET workshop and was so excited she wanted to put together an afternoon program for middle-school-aged children. The result is the "Ocean Exploration Club", a 5-week SPIN 4H program on Wednesday afternoons during January and February. She was assisted by Annette Schloss, OET coordinator, and Sarah Grosvenor, Extension Field Specialist Youth & Family, and another OET workshop alumnus and 4H volunteer, Pattie Davis. The first week, club members puzzled over making a neutrally-bouyant vehicle and shared their findings. All sessions had hands-on opportunities for building an underwater "vacuum" system and "new" species of fish! Special visits from Marine Docents on exploring the rocky shore and learning about whales and other marine life, rounded out the program. Let us know if you want to host a program in your community!

OET Does ODD! September 16-17, 2016

The Ocean Exploration Trust manned a table at Ocean Discovery Day (ODD) that was held at the Chase Engineering Lab at UNH Durham. Kids of all ages were invited to "map the bottom of the ocean" as an example of a hands-on OET STEM activity that demonstrates techniques in ocean engineering. We showed highlights from nautiluslive.org and talked with educators and parents about OET resources, upcoming OET workshops, and Live! interactions that will be available during the 2017 expedition of the E/V Nautilus starting next spring.

 Ocean Exploration in the Classroom - September 10, 2016

The UNH Manchester STEM Discovery Lab was the setting for a lively OET professional development one-day workshop. Twenty-one New Hampshire educators learned about the many resources available for their students through the Ocean Exploration Trust. Participants got to try out two of the STEM learning modules that OET has created for classroom activities that teach skills related to oceans and deep ocean exploration. Small groups worked as a team to design underwater "vacuum cleaners" to suck up particles of different sizes and shapes. Megan Cook and Kathy Sutton, the OET education team members who facilitated the workshop, explainined that the same principles are in place for engineers who design collection tools for Hercules, the ROV aboard the E/V Nautilus.  Educators went home with a complete handbook of easy-to-implement STEM learning modules and the invitation to sign​ their school up for​ a live ship-to-shore interaction with E/V Nautilus, which is expected to go out to sea for ​its 2017 ​Expedition ​next April. We will be offering this workshop again in the spring, so please check back to register!

Photo credit, Annette Schloss & Ocean Exploration Trust 


USS independenceRediscovering the Wreck of the USS Independence

If you missed the exploration of this sunken World War II aircraft carrier and Greater Farallones Marine Sanctuary while our Science Communication Fellow, Michael Koski, was aboard the E/V Nautlius, you can see wonderful images and video on the nautiluslive.org site!


Live interaction at Seacoast Science Center campOET Live Interactions Enhance Summer Camp at Seacoast Science Center - August 24 & 27, 2016

Campers at the Seacoast Science Center were given an OET treat when they talked directly with the New Hampshire Science Communications Fellow Mike Koski aboard the E/V Nautilus.  The live interaction was exciting for the campers who asked a lot of questions about the deep ocean and it's creatures. The public was invited to talk with Mike again on Saturday.  He will continue to bring his experiences to our Sept 10 educator workshop at UNH-M and at the NH Science Teachers Association meeting in November.

Mike Koski interview on NH1

Our 2016 OET Science Communications Fellow Interview on NH1

Michael Koski, Director of Science and Engineering for Windham Schools and the 2016 NH OET STEM Community Science Communication Fellow, talks about his excitement about joining the E/V Nautilus when they explore the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and wreck of the  USS Independence, both off the coast of California. Mike's leg of the expedition takes place August 19-27, 2016.  

Learn more about Mike and OET here.

live interaction at Woodman Institute

Discover the Ocean at the Woodman Musuem - July 28, 2016

The Woodman Museum in Dover hosted a day-long Discover the Ocean event with the UNH Marine Docents. As a special treat, OET connected live with the E/V Nautilus throughout the event. Over 75 youngsters from Dover's Camp Kool, the YMCA of Strafford County in Rochester, and the general public, were amazed at the wonders to be found under the sea! 


SSC members at ChaseSpecial Event for the Seacoast Science Center - June 2, 2016

UNH hosted a special event at the Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory where SSC members enjoyed family-friendly hands-on demonstrations, tours and a talk about ocean exploration with the Director, Dr. Larry Mayer. Attendees toured the labs, met ocean scientists, and connected live to the E/V Nautilus. We were pleased to share the excitement of UNH’s nationally and internationally recognized work with SSC families and hopefully, future students and researchers! 

Megan Cook, OET Community STEM Program Coordinator, Speaks to UNH Marine Docents - April 5, 2016

Volunteers with the UNH Marine Docent Program were treated to a lively presentation about OET and the E/V Nautlius wtih Megan Cook at their monthly meeting in April. Although hailing from Idaho, Megan wanted to be a marine biologist since 1st grade, when her teacher brought many ocean resources into her classroom.  Docents will have opportunities to bring their knowledge and expertise to a new generation of young people as part of our collaboration with OET.

Ocean Exploration in the Classroom - March 12, 2016

Twenty-five New Hampshire educators got their hands wet at the March 12 Ocean Exploration in the Classroom professional development workshop. This first program of the UNH-OET Community STEM Program partnership was held at the Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory on the UNH campus. Megan Cook and Katherine Sutton traveled from OET headquarters in Rhode Island to present local educators with STEM Learning Module resources - activities designed to match the excitement of live exploration with inquiry-based lessons and activities for the classroom. All participants tried their hand at designing neutrally buoyant objects using arts and crafts supplies, learned about environmental adaptation by designing deep-sea fish and tested their new knowledge in a lively game of ocean exploration trivia. Megan Cook is OET’s Community STEM Program Coordinator and Katherine Sutton is the ​T​rust’s STEM Education Specialist. As part of the Corps of Exploration team, they work to bring exciting opportunities for local educators and community members to be inspired about ocean exploration. Educators went home with a handbook of easy-to-implement STEM learning modules and the invitation to sign​ their school up for​ a live ship-to-shore interaction with E/V Nautilus, which is expected to go out to sea for ​its 2016 ​Expedition ​in mid-May. We will be reporting regularly on those live interactions, expedition updates, and planned OET events, so please check back often! 

 View the Workshop Flyer.

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 Photo credits: Annette Schloss, Ocean Exploration Trust, Inc.